Agents of Satan

by vimothy

The Guardian helpfully inform us that the riots can still be blamed on police brutality–even though the police look congenitally incapable of being mean to children, let alone strangling great swathes of the criminal population like some Victorian serial killer.

At least 333 [deaths in police custody] since 1998 and not a single conviction of any police officer for any of them.

A strange thing: at least 333 deaths and not a single conviction. Notice as well that around 800,000 people die every year in toto in the UK, but only about 500 people are convicted of homicide—evidence of a deeper conspiracy, no doubt, though I’m sure the Guardian will join us in demanding that the number of convictions is increased arbitrarily. That or, given that people die, and that the people in police custody are people, people dying in police custody is a statistical inevitability. But who can say?

I don’t see any resurrections either. And not only do we see a statistically impossible lack of resurrections from death in police custody, but 333 is exactly half of 666: the number of the Beast; signifying, according to the Hebrew numerologists, none other than the demoness Choronzon, Lord of Hallucinations and Obscene Gardener of Bitterness herself.

Is this not evidence enough that the police should be replaced by Jesus Christ, or at least His earthly representatives, at the first available opportunity?