Scene police here: Have you renounced fascism?

by vimothy

I find the whole thing a bit strange. It would be excellent satire, but I guess it qualifies as self-parody instead. Spirit of the Age, wot.

“Scene police here: Have you renounced fascism?”

Yes, I renounce fascism.

How very punk rock. And also a bit discoverthenetworks.

“But wait, have you renounced crypto-fascism?”

Yes, I renounce crypto-fascism.

“And what of supercrypto-fascism?

“Our investigators have discovered that in the spring of ’87 you released a limited-edition one-sided picture flexi with Exploded Jewish Colon, who were known to be super-crypto-fascists and also at one time friends with the sister of Jorge Borge Jorge, Swiss CFO of the New Left-Right, Left-Right Review–a notorious traditionalist-revolutionary pamphlet with literally hundreds of readers, which promoted race-hate, paedophilia and traditional hand crafts.”

Oh, how embarrassing.

“Take him away!”

After the purge, when they’ve split the neofolk scene into good guys and bad guys, will the good guys still be allowed to play or listen to neofolk, I wonder—or does that automatically make you suspect?

I would like to go on record renouncing super-crypto-fascism.

“But you’re wearing black clothes and a military belt! Not good enough, Nazi.”

[Trap door opens]


Shouldn’t these guys be allowed to hold their gig, though?

Even if they are “fascists” or “nazis”?

Whatever those words mean now. Apparently, they’re synonymous with “plays in a neofolk band”. Which is actually, while we’re on our punk rock high horse, rather offensive. I would like to reserve the word Nazi for the actual Nazis. Call me a radical traditionalist if you like, but—

Oh wait, no, I didn’t mean it like that!

[Trap door opens]


“Enjoy the lake of fire!”